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Dec 19, 2020

Merry Christmas from CobaltAlloy

A Christmas wish came true for another Cobalt® client.

Just in time for installation in early 2021, CobaltAlloy Production Tubing and Cobalt Premium Sucker Rod Guides (ARPMAX Polymer Technology).

A unique "world-first" tubing/sucker rod package with the the protective internal layer of CobaltAlloy Tubing and the compatible "self-lubricating" Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides for a longer well completion lifecycle.

Lower asset cost than alternative heat treated tubing. Tubing String and Sucker Rod String from one single source ... Cobalt.

Add CobaltAlloy Production tubing to your Christmas wishlist for reduced workovers and increased well productivity in 2021.

Nov 24, 2020

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing Released for well completions

Downhole Tubing Failures due to wear or corrosion?

Plated and boronized treatment processes for tubing were developed last century... that is old technology... time for a change.

A world first, 21st century solution.... CobaltAlloy Production Tubing... engineered to be compatible with ARPMAX Polymer Sucker Rod Guides.

CobaltAlloy features reduced friction, lower wear, reduced corrosion, open flow, reduced torque and drag, increased production and reduced well workovers.

Contact Cobalt to learn more. www.cobaltextreme.com 

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