"> Production Tubing Centralizers by Cobalt

CobaltLOK Tubing Centralizers

CobaltLOK Tubing Centralizers (patent pending), engineered to reduce downhole equipment damage from harmonics, centralize the tubing through deviated wells and securely clamp downhole gauge cables, capilliary tubes and ESP cables to the tubing.

Synthetic Metal Corrosion Protection is also available as an option with CobaltLOK Tubing Centralizers to protect your tubing from external corrosion.

CobaltLOK Tubing Centralizers are engineered for effective centralization and preventing hangup during installation and removal from the well, combined with "harmonic dampening" effect (eg: PCP Oscillation). 
Another unique feature is the ESP Power Cable clamping option, Capillary Tube clamping option and Downhole Sensor Cable clamping option. Tubing external corrosion protection is available using our Synthetic Metal technology. 

The tubing centralizers are made from ARPMAX Polymer technology for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high impact resistance and flexibility. Installed using a special applicator tool with a clamping force of 6500 Nm. 

CobaltLOK Tubing Centralizers are 100% Polymer (ZERO metal components)

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